Five Hours in Boulder

February 14th, 2015


Recently finding myself in Boulder, Colorado for work, the subject of dinner came up. In Boulder, you can trip anywhere and fall into a restaurant, so we were debating our choices. Then we realized – we really didn’t have to choose. Thus began our progressive dinner. One drink (or two) and a snack at each stop. Now, there are two distinct parts of town. One is “The Hill” which is apparently the college crowd’s hangout – cheap eats and coffee shops. Nothing wrong with that, but not our mission that evening. So, we ended up on Pearl Street with shops, restaurants and the requisite ski hippies all within easy walking distance. My one purchase was some loose-leaf tea at Ku Cha House of Tea. Very excited to try the “Oriental Beauty” oolong.

First stop, The Kitchen. Excellent cheese/charcuterie plate. We were there at an odd time, and they were having staff meal. There are some places I really wish I could order the staff meal. Yes, this defeats the purpose, but I always feel like they’re getting something just a bit better than I ordered.

Next up, the Bohemian Biergarten. Beer and sausages, duh. With some funky hip hop polka tunes that reminded me of one of Mr. Loaf’s favorite radio stations. They put caraway seeds in the sauerkraut which is my personal test of authenticity. NOTE: I just Googled “caraway seeds” to double-check spelling, and they are not a seed, they are a FRUIT! 

Lastly, The Corner Bar at the Hotel Boulderado. Dessert. Really full. Tired. Smartly, we parked right across the street and planned this stop for last.

Nicole Stowe
I've been in the advertising industry for over fourteen years in Jackson, MS, specializing in Design, Color and Branding. To keep myself sane, I make food-themed block prints. Just for fun, I collect vintage cameras and photography. To satisfy my curiosity, I read a lot about science. And for who knows what reason, sometimes I create conceptual Jell-O.

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