Parquet Courts

March 23rd, 2015

If Lou Reed and The Violent Femmes had a baby that would be weird as shit because they’re all dudes and at least one of them is dead. Come to think of it, it wouldn’t just be weird, it would be end-of-days horrific. Let’s try again. If a 15 year old punk enthusiast filled his ear holes with copious amounts of Lou Reed and The Violent Femmes, then he might grow up to be in a band like Parquet Courts, a punk quartet from Brooklyn.  Their second album, Light Up Gold, spawned a minor hit with “Stoned and Starving”. They definitely embraced the stoner ethic.

For their follow up album, 2014’s Sunbathing Animal, the emphasis is off the weed and more focused on a clean, pop-punk style with some more mature songwriting. “Black and White” is everything I love about this band-the clean production, the bass as lead instrument, the propulsion. This is one of those songs that I sometimes skip when it comes on in the car so I don’t start driving 90 miles an hour while banging my head against the steering wheel. This isn’t for everyone. They have a tendency to use feedback as musical notes. I’m fully on board with that, but I can see how it might be off putting for some listeners.

Sunbathing Animals was my choice for 2104 album of the year. Enjoy.

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