New Music Monday

April 6th, 2015

Melt Yourself Down

I came by this band on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast a few months ago. They’re a London-based band made up of members from a bunch of other area bands. Like Moon Hooch, they’re a sax-centric band, but it’s a totally different kind of music. It has a definite “world” vibe. You can hear Middle Eastern influences, jazz, funk, rock and more. Camel is currently my favorite car song. It’s an infectious party song that defies you to stay still during it’s more rousing parts.

Om Ingram
I'm a married dad with an 11 year-old daughter living in New Orleans. My No. 1 love is movies. But I also play video games with my kid and watch a lot of TV. For the past year I've been sharing New Music Mondays with Cleveland and Seth. I buy at least one song a week of something that is current. I never want to be THAT guy, "Back in my day, we had real rock and roll*." *puts on Reckoning to try and prove point. I've been telling Dad Jokes since I was 15.

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