New Music Monday – Adia Victoria

April 13th, 2015

“I don’t know nothin’ ’bout Southern belles, but I can tell you somethin’ ’bout Southern hell.”

This is a line from Nashville-based Adia Victoria’s song, Stuck in the South. It’s a gritty, bluesy rock song with a slightly twisted country sound. Read simply that line is a lament. But coming from her unique voice, there’s more than just a complaint. There’s a genuine affection, too. The South is a complicated place.

Om Ingram
I'm a married dad with an 11 year-old daughter living in New Orleans. My No. 1 love is movies. But I also play video games with my kid and watch a lot of TV. For the past year I've been sharing New Music Mondays with Cleveland and Seth. I buy at least one song a week of something that is current. I never want to be THAT guy, "Back in my day, we had real rock and roll*." *puts on Reckoning to try and prove point. I've been telling Dad Jokes since I was 15.

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