New Music Monday – Country Music Edition

March 2nd, 2015

Modern country music has never been my bag. Like most pop music on the radio, I’ve always felt it was over-produced garbage. I dabbled in some alt-country back in the 90s, a little Cowboy Junkies, maybe some Son Volt. Up until about six months ago, there was no country music in my library. Maybe I could stretch the definition and call Neko Case a country artist, but it’s a definite stretch. Last summer I was listening to the KEXP Music That Matters podcsast. The description for that show stated that it was all country. I swiped left to delete the episode, but then I remembered why I was listening to music podcasts in the first place. DON’T BE THAT GUY!


Sturgill Simpson

He sounds like a country artist. But he’s not singing stuff you might normally hear on Kicker 101. His song “Turtles All the Way Down” is is about drugs, religion and big cosmological questions…..but mostly about drugs. This song had some of my favorite lyrics of last year. He’s also playing Jazz Fest on April 30th. I’ll be in the front row.


Zoe Muth and the Lost High Rollers 

Zoe Muth’s “Mama Needs a Margarita’ ended up on my top ten songs last year. This is another very traditional sounding country song. It has lyrics about roadhouses, dancing, tequila and a two-timing spouse. It’s equal parts melancholy and uplifting because it’s so damn good.


Caroline Rose

Rose isn’t a country artist, and some would probably peg this song as more of a rockabilly stomper. “Blood on Your Bootheels” sure sounds country to me. I first heard this song on NPR’s All Songs Considered podcast, and if I heard this on a country station, I’d start tuning into the part of the dial. But something tells me that a song inspired by Trayvon Martin doesn’t really have a place in today’s pop country landscape.

Enjoy and support live local music.

Om Ingram
I'm a married dad with an 11 year-old daughter living in New Orleans. My No. 1 love is movies. But I also play video games with my kid and watch a lot of TV. For the past year I've been sharing New Music Mondays with Cleveland and Seth. I buy at least one song a week of something that is current. I never want to be THAT guy, "Back in my day, we had real rock and roll*." *puts on Reckoning to try and prove point. I've been telling Dad Jokes since I was 15.

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